Project, Cost and Payment

We offer a broad range of services involving custom graphic design: Corporate identity Package design Custom illustrations Limited web design Outdoor advertising, signs and more  Below you will find a few questions you may ask; the answers to which will allow you to determine if we are who you want to work with.
Do you offer multiple design options to choose from? As a general rule, regarding custom  work, the answer would have to be NO but, there are many in-house designs. By creating a design, we will do our best to effectively resolve the tasks assigned to us by you, the customer. After any “Proof” presentation is approved by you, we will bring the artwork to a final format by putting in identified finishing touches and fixing minor bugs. It goes without saying, if you deem it necessary, we are ready and willing to completely redo the design.
How much does a graphic design cost? The cost of each custom project can be very subjective and individual. The price would most surely depend on the amount of work time is required for the project’s needs. At the beginning of each project, we would determine a cost with you and endeavour to find a mutual project solution that satisfies both parties. From the onset it is understood that time has a fixed value based on one hour increments. Please see #3 on this page.
How much time does a project normally take? Applying some latitude, time is very subjective. Wherein our work load, at the time of the request, and the amount of work required on your project it is difficult to speculate. We always stipulate a tentative deadline for a project before starting any work and endeavour to proceed with your project as soon as possible. However, absolute deadlines, although difficult to provide may be possible and a reasonable surcharge would be added within the overall cost.
How many corrections are permited in the projected cost? Under normal circumstances we would not limit or charge for the number of legitimate corrections. Mistakes can happen by both parties but, our ultimate goal is to completely satisfy you, the client. of course this is based on the adequacy of all parties involved. We have a “Start to Finish” process that provides both parties with documentation that will confirm the level of satisfaction at specific points in a given project.
Payment Q: What methods of payment do you accept? A: We accept Company Checks, Personal Certified Checks, e Checks (through PayPal), PayPal Direct (prefered) and Cash under unique circumstances (not prefered).   Q: How secure is your financial on-line PayPal transaction process? A: We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with an encryption key of 128-bits (the highest level available) for personal information and payments. SSL automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours while you are connected. If paying through PayPal you are connected directly to PayPal.
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