Q: Why can’t I come to your  Business location? A: Last Unicorn Creations is designed to be a “On-Line Business”. There is nothing that we can not do together via E-Mail and Telephone or Fax that can not be done in person. If you are unfamiliar with “Scanning”, and the “Upload / On-Line” process, we have provided a mass of information and we will try to help you on the phone. Overall, this process is better for the customer and us, because: 1) You will have a record trail of the whole process. 2) Original project ideas and changes are expedited clearly and quickly. 3) You save time and money through the lack of travel. 4) You save us time and money because the process is clearly documented. NOTE: Exceptions may be considered under unique circumstances! Q: What materials can be laser-cut at Last Unicorn Creations? A: We can laser-cut a wide range of materials, including: Acrylic, Wood, Corian, Delrin, Fibreglass, Laminate, Fabric, Paper, Rubber. See more.  You can supply your own materials or select from our on-line inventory Please NOTE! We do not cut PVC or any METAL. Q: What are the material size limitations Last Unicorn Creations can handle? A: For most Co2 Laser projects, parts may be as large as 40" x 28" (max). Q: What image file formats are acceptable for Laser processing? A: We accept most vector formats, such as DWG, DXF, EPS, CDR and WMF. If you have questions about file formats please check “File Formats to Use”. Files can be sent to us by 3.5” floppy disks, CDs, or e-mails. Q: Will Last Unicorn Creations do my image preparation for the laser? A: Yes, we can provide image preparation (rough to proof), digitizing, or scanning using your sketches, drawings, blueprints or camera-ready (PMT) artworks. Q: Will Last Unicorn Creations assemble a proofing model from my cut parts? A: No. We do not assemble or finish laser cut model components. Our goal is to provide you with precise cut parts quickly so you can meet your project expectations. Q: Does Last Unicorn Creations offer vinyl cutting? A: Yes. There are hundreds of Laser Friendly vinyl colours to choose from. All laser cut vinyl will be prepared and ready for your project application. Q: What type of materials can be laser etched or laser engraved? A: Many materials, including glass, can be laser etched or laser engraved. The depth can be defined accordingly. Glass engraving with a CO2 laser produces a appealing frosted effect. We can also laser etch on some metals such as steel and stainless steel but, there is a processing step that must take place first. Q: Can Last Unicorn Creations engrave on curved surfaces such as a wine glass? A: Yes! We can laser-engrave on products with curved surfaces, such as glassware, baseball bats, or wine bottles. Q: Can Last Unicorn Creations etch or mark stainless steel, or aluminium? A: Yes! We can laser-etch directly onto anodized aluminium or stainless steel with and (sometimes) without the help of chemical preparation components. Q: What is Engraving compared to Etching? A: Engraving is the selective removal of the surface of a material. Usually to effect decoration, or otherwise convey information of some kind. Engraving can be performed on any number of materials and is performed in a number of ways: by hand with either a manual or mechanised tool (hand engraving), by machining or milling, either manually operated or computer operated (rotary engraving) or Laser Engraving. For example, laser engraving leather reveals a suede finish, the colour dependent on the tanning process. A light engrave can be done on some light coloured leathers, which just darkens the top surface, leaving the ’skin’ intact. Etching is more commonly regarded as a chemical process. An article such as glass is prepared with a stylized rubber stencil mask and a corrosive paste is applied. The material that is exposed is effected by the chemical and anything protected by the mask is untouched. Once the mask is removed, the effected material will have a frosted surface design left behind. This process result is very shallow. Q: What is Laser Carving? A: Laser Carving is the selective removal of material to produce a 3D relief effect. It is usually to effect decoration, or otherwise convey information of some kind. Carving can be performed on a number of materials but wood is the most common medium. For more information regarding Laser Carving you can check the area  pertaining to the subject of  3D carving. Q: Does Last Unicorn Creations sell promotional products to the general public? A: No. We do not sell “Trade Name” promotional products to the general public or small business community. We are trade-only engravers when it comes to promotional items. While we will do laser cutting one-off engraving for members of the public, we will usually refer businesses requiring promotional items to their local Promotional Product Distributor. We understand the complexities and price sensitivity of the promotional market. Request a price list, from a local Promotional Product Distributor, to see for yourself! Q: What make and type of laser does Last Unicorn Creations use? A: We use both a EPILOG FUSION 40 and a EPILOG FIBERMARK. Q: Who is EPILOG? A: . The best answer we can give is for you to visit EPILOG. You can “CLICK” on the LOGO (lower right of page), and you are there!
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