Laser Engraving and / or Laser Etching are terms that are used interchangeably but, are still a  process that is the result of combining leading edge laser technology with cutting edge photo imaging and artistic creativity. At Last Unicorn Creations, the engraving is done with varied wattage, a sealed CO2 laser producing near photographic quality images on a variety of surfaces, some of which include marble, granite, glass, wood, and acrylic. Essentially, the laser super heats the surface of the material causing precise microscopic explosions. This action removes the polished surface in varying degrees. Depending on the contrast desired, the laser's computer program determines the number of explosions required on a given area to produce the prefered results.

Laser Etching Applications

Whether you are an architect or builder, an interior designer or simply an artistic person looking to custom  design or remodel a portion of your home, office or building, Last Unicorn Creations provides that one-of-a- kind finishing touch to make your project uniquely yours. ANY IMAGE, ANY DESIGN, ANY SIZE is what we like to say. In other words, the specifications for your project are entirely up to you. Below are just a few of the many possible applications for our laser etchings: Wall Murals: Entryway art, lobby murals, public art murals, clubhouses and recreation rooms. Sign-age: Corporate sign-age and logos for wall or floor placement, area maps, monuments and dedication plaques. Flooring: Entryway inlays for residential and commercial settings, showroom sales offices and corporate buildings, flooring art or logos etched into stone. Accent floor tiles for kitchens and baths. Kitchens: Kitchen cook top back splashes, sink back splashes, table and counter top etchings, flooring accent tiles, decorative back splash border tiles.

Baths: Shower wall murals, flooring murals and accent tiles,

glass mirror etchings, decorative stone counter etchings.

Fireplaces: Incorporation of etched granite into your surrounding

tile or brick fireplace, hang decorative stone artwork above the


Monuments: Granite etched memorials, stone monuments and


Etched Glass: Windows and doors (Entry way doors, shower and

pantry doors), entertainment bar mirrors, cabinet doors.

Outdoor: Outdoor Sign-age, stepping stones, garden markers,

granite benches. water features - backdrops to fountains,

swimming pools decorative etched tiles

Promotions: Personalized company awards, coasters, gifts and awards, commemorative


Memorabilia: wedding plaques, graduation plaques, antique car and motorcycle plaques,

immortalized pet etchings

Personalized portraits: Photograph reproductions etched in stone, artwork reproductions.

2D Etching / Engraving

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