Welcome to the Gantry GrayGraphics image Library Gateway. Gantry GrayGraphics is a highly prestigious company in the field of designing 3D laser Carving files. We hope to eventually provide you with a similar quality of image service, but in the meantime, we will provide you with this link to one of the best 3D image developers. Gantry GrayGraphics is internationally known for their skill. Many laser manufactures, such as Epilog, Kern, TroTec and others do not hesitate to recommend Gantry GrayGraphics for their 3D files and often include finished 3D samples in their promotional packages. Providing some of the finest 3D Graphic files to the engraving industry since 1994, Gantry GrayGraphics also are able to provide custom images on request. If you are interested in something that may include a 3D presence please “click” on the Gantry Company Banner below

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What is Laser 2d Engraving vs Laser 3d Engraving? There are four basic operating modes related to laser engraving systems:
Photo Bitmap
Black and white pixels Laser fires on black Two-level engraving Typical of almost all    engraved products on the market today.
Vector only, no pixels Laser fires constantly Typically for cutting
Black and white pixels Laser fires on black Pixel density gives           illusion of shading Similar to newspaper pictures
256 Gray-level pixels Laser adjusts power with shades of Gray 256-level 3D shaped surfaces replicate hand carvings
Engraving Engraving
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